Learning and Leadership Development Conference 2017

Dates 18-Sep-2017 — 20-Sep-2017
Description HCI has developed hundreds of events over the years; some of the factors we look at in programming our conferences include trends, market conditions, pain points and the rate of change in our industry. In the past there were times when the industry became quiet, (you remember), and the challenge was to keep things fresh year after year. Those days are gone. Forever. Suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind of change where everything we were taught, everything we’ve thought, everything we’ve done in the past is no longer stable, reliable, or relevant. One thing is certain, in disruptive times organizations are now dependent on new processes and models of learning and leadership development to innovate and grow. Providing skills, development, and training to help engagement and retention is the right thing to do, but this only provides an indirect impact on business through a margin of increased performance. It is HCI's position that learner-centric programs are important, but the contribution to business goals should be the priority. Tags: Education, Labour Economics, Leadership, Leadership Development, Learning, Labour and Human Capital
In Person or Webinar? Both
Category Management & Human Resources
Conference size Small
General Admission Price 1,995 USD
Region North America
US Region Midwest
Organizers Human Capital Institute
Venue TBA
Is Annual? Yes